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Driving Around Town: Indian Trails Public Library

In our next installment of Driving Around Town we check out the brand new Indian Trails Public Library!

Z06 Corvette, Indian Trails Public Library, Bill Stasek Chevrolet

We took a Gorgeous Z06 Corvette over to visit the new library, where Susan Dennison, Communications Manager gave us a tour.

Indian Trails Public LibraryIn a word. WOW! When you first walk in you are greeted with what feels like a trendy hotel lobby. Rounded walls, differing textures and colorful seating create a lively welcoming, vibrant and engaging space for the community.

The Vending Cafe is to your right when you walk in, where you can relax with a beverage or snack and enjoy a conversation with a friend.

indian trails public library

There’s also private meeting  space  at the end of the  Vending Cafe called the Lake-Cook rooms, with seating for up 160 when both rooms are combined.

The first floor of the building is very lively and busy and includes the the Launch Pad and Digital Media Labs as well as the Middle Ground where 6 – 8 graders can study, enjoy games and do arts and crafts .

Indian Trails Public Library

Beyond the Launch Pad and Middle Ground is the children’s library and KidZone youth section with all kinds of fun stuff for the kids.

Highlights of the KidZone include:

  • The Makery
  • Early Learning Area
  • Picture Books
  • Varied Seating Areas
  • Youth Program Room
  • The Longest Continual Racetrack Lighting in the World

Heading upstairs you’ll find more of a traditional library experience, but with multiple seating options, spaces and views.

 The most dramatic wall/view is the large floor to ceiling windows on the West end of the building which creates quite a space to study or read.

The second floor also features a variety of study rooms, meeting rooms and reading rooms.

Some of the second floor highlights include:

  • Adult Services Desk
  • Training Lab
  • ESL Lab
  • Public Copy/Print
  • Multiple Study Rooms
  • The Loft
  • Muriel Lischett Reading Room

And last but not least, let’s not forget the brand new drive-up window for material pickup and drop off, where our Z06 Corvette is sitting. Indian Trails Public Library, Bill Stasek Chevrolet, Z06 Corvette

The New Indian Trails Public Library is quite an achievement and something all of us in Wheeling and the surrounding suburbs can be proud of.  Stop by and say Hi to Susan and the staff when you’re “Driving Around Town” and tell ‘em Bill Stasek Chevrolet sent you!

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Bill Klaproth
Social Media Manager
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Driving Around Town: Purple Sprout Cafe

Stasek Chevrolet, Bill Stasek Chevrolet, Purple Sprout CafeWelcome to “Driving Around Town” a new series from Bill Stasek Chevrolet exploring local businesses, organizations, and people around the Northwest Suburbs. It’s our way of giving back by spotlighting some of the people, places, and things that make our community special. Hopefully you’ll discover something new or learn something you didn’t know!

Today we took a beautiful 2017 SS Camaro out to explore Purple Sprout Café and Juice bar, 341 E. Dundee Rd. in Wheeling.

Purple Sprout CafeI met with owners Karim and Irina who opened Purple Sprout 18 months ago featuring healthy cooked and raw organic meals, juices and smoothies.

The short story is: Karim was working as a Nurse/Physician Assistant in Home Health and Hospice after a time at Stroger Hospital. Through his experience, he realized the true way to treat any condition was not a reliance on medication, but up to the individual to promote their own health, wellness and healing through diet. Meanwhile, Irina was working in the food industry and was experiencing health issues (digestive) after giving birth to their first son that doctors just couldn’t pinpoint the problem and were trying different types of medicine, which became very frustrating.  With his realization about health and food, and Irina’s medications not working, they decided that a different approach to healing and wellness was needed for them, and that approach was to concentrate on proper nutrition and health through the foods they were eating.

So he and Irina started on a health development journey to find and promote health and wellness through a 100% organic and plant based diet. After committing to this diet, Irina’s health issues went away and both of them noticed a positive difference in their health.

As Karim says “Your health is in your own hands,” so he and Irina formulated their plan to open an organic café and juice bar, and they chose Wheeling as their home, as they wanted to bring a 100% organic restaurant to their hometown.

purple Sprout CafeAfter their opening in 2015, Karim stayed at his Hospice job and did both for the first 6 months, before devoting all his time to the café with Irina. People in the area are responding, in fact many people come from surrounding suburbs to experience their organic and plant-based vegan menu. However, they still feel people are nervous to try it, but there is no need to be nervous, they are happy to explain everything and are very accommodating, they want to show people how healthy eating can make a big difference and can be affordable.

Karim made some recommendations for first time customers:

Purple Sprout CafeBreakfast:  Try the Breakfast Crepe (I tried it – delicious, pictured to the left)
Lunch/Dinner:  Veggie Stir-fry, Veggie Burger, Braised Seitan
Juice:  Fountain of Youth
Smoothie:  Mango Cream

Karim and Irina also host community cooking classes, workshops, lectures, and supper club dinners in addition to meal planning and nutritional/Ayurvedic consultations.

Purple Sprout is a little gem in our community, stop by and say Hi to Karim and Irina when you’re “Driving Around Town” and tell ‘em Bill Stasek Chevrolet sent you!

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